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Celebrity E-Commerce

An Online & Offline Platform for Celebrities!

A bazaar focusing on Celebrities.
Our focus is for Malaysian celebrities to become Digital Entrepreneurs. Fans will be able to participate by supporting and following their favourite celebs style, food, and lifestyle by just shopping online and on ground events. 

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Zebra Studio

Entertainment Facilities & Services

Zebra Studios is a variety of studios located in Malaysia specialising in Sound, Production and Showcase. Covering from Podcast, Feature Film Sets, Mini Concert Hall and many more. Our studios are all designer concepts making it comfortable and instgrammable! Zebra Studios promise you style and convenience.

Coming Soon

Bush Club Community

An E-sports community mobile application!

Bush club gathers players on mobile gaming platforms.
Our focus is for Malaysian E-Sports enthusiasts to become Digital Athletes. Our aim is to create an e-sports club to train, discuss, and grow the mobile gaming industry.